The Beginning

I haven’t known exactly where to start with this post, and after trying (unsuccessfully) more than a couple of times to write, I think the best place to start is just right where we are, right now.

We are living in Pennsylvania.  It almost doesn’t seem real, and after 6 weeks, I still catch myself wondering when we are going back to Florida…when our vacation will end. But instead of feeling upset about not returning to Florida, I’ve accepted it with open arms.  And yes, I miss my people, those amazing friends we made in Florida, the extended family who welcomed us with open arms, who became our mom and dad, our sisters, brothers and cousins when we had no one else around.  But that is the thing about making “true” friends…no matter where you live, or how long it has been since you have been together, that relationship will always be there.

And we are happy… and I daresay, calmer than we have been for a very long time.  Rob really enjoys his job.  He is respected and listened to and best of all, his job no longer comes home with him.  When he is at work, he works, but when he comes home, he is here with us, without dividing his attention to emails that MUST be answered, conference calls that MUST be listened to, or rouge employees that MUST be dealt with immediately.

I no longer feel like I’m doing this “kid” business mostly alone.  Not only do I have my husband back, but I have my parents who always take such an active interest in the kids.  They now have three very cool aunties and an awesome uncle who love them and get involved with their lives on a regular basis.  They have cousins and second cousins who just want to be around them.  They have new friends from the Kingdom Hall who involve them in their games. Both the boys have blossomed under all this attention, and seem to be settling into their own finally.  And having happy and excited children makes my job as the ringleader of the circus SO much easier.

Sometimes all this change doesn’t seem completely real.  It really does feel like a dream we haven’t woken up from.  And every time I have to remind myself that this isn’t a long vacation, that we live here now, there is no airplane ride to go home, that we are home, well…

There aren’t too many times in life when you can really see just how blessed you are, but then again, sometimes it just slaps you in the face. 🙂

cousins dancing with mandy kids at park Logan and deer pap and ev


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