My happy place

The mini juice fast went really well!  My tastes in food seem to have returned back to the healthy and raw variety, and my stress levels went down.  As long as you keep the Cheez Its away from me, I’m completely able to keep on track.  I made the mistake of buying a box for the boys the other day, and only three days later, they are completely gone. Don’t quite know what it is about those 1 inch squares of baked cheese delight, but I now realize that they are my own version of kryptonite…a guaranteed healthy eating destroyer.

Something else amazing has happened during this week.  People of the internets…I’ve made it to One-derland!  That happy, stress free place where everyone is dressed in skinny pants and tube tops.  Ah…not really.  Seeing the number one in front of my weight is cool (nay, VERY cool) I really don’t feel any different than I did four pounds ago.  Just the fact that the scale is (almost) consistently on it’s way down is enough for me to be happy with my progress so far.

Rob is doing fantastically.   It seems like every other day he is happily surprised over a previously tight article of clothing now being too big on him.  And he is solidly back into his wedding suit size, which was his goal before going on job interviews this week in Pennsylvania.

For anyone who knows me…I’m a planner.  I love setting deadlines, making lists and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing tasks.  But I’m having a hard time NOT being in control of our move to PA.  It seems like everything rests on Rob finding a job, and while I know that he won’t have an issue getting decent employment, it is making me a little bit crazy that there is nothing else I can do.  And it’s the not knowing that is making me a little out of breath.  I know that we are moving, but I don’t know WHEN.  I know that we are literally selling all of our furniture, eliminating almost everything that we have worked so hard the past 5 years to acquire.  I know that we are uprooting our kids again (hopefully for the last time) and going to have to register Logan at a new school where we are going to need a proof of address for an address we don’t have yet.  The orderly little part of my brain NEEDS to know when all this madness is going to begin so I can make my lists and prioritize what is important, but I have to wait just a little bit longer.

With all the unknown in our future, I needed a break.  I needed to go to the beach, and not the tourist trap that Siesta Beach has become, but I needed to go to MY beach, my own little zen spot.  Naples…


My happy place…Naples Beach.  The smooth, but not perfect sand.  The calm waves that lap at your toes, letting you walk for 100 yards before the water is deep enough to reach your chest.  Being able to pick up a foot long Lightning Whelk and play with the creature inside.  The excitement of shell mounds, sitting down and sifting through the treasures that the ocean left behind.  I have bowls of shells throughout my house that I refuse to get rid of, because every shell for me is a memory of who I was with and what we were doing when I found that shell.  And almost everyone of those shells came  from this beach.

And the sunsets…

From Naples Pier
From Naples Pier

Watching Rob and Logan spend quality time while I searched for seashells…


Those are all memories that I  will never forget, and I know this place will always hold a special piece of my mind and heart.

After our much needed visit to the beach and sleep-over with friends, I had a new perspective on our situation.  I know that things will work out for us, that the pieces will fall into just the place we need them to be.  I know this because our goal is an honorable one;  to make our family stronger and more spiritual and to raise our sons around their amazing extended family.  I’m looking forward to building new memories with them of being able to run around and get dirty in the summer, going for day long hikes in the fall to see the colors of the leaves changing, and knowing the joys of hot cocoa and a warm house after playing in the freezing snow all afternoon.

I don’t need to worry or stress…the rest will come.

Till next time…


One thought on “My happy place

  1. Beautifully put. Many things are uncertain, but you have your family + those who love you waiting for you at the end of it. All will be well. 🙂

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