A nice, lazy Sunday afternoon.  Rob is working, Evan is napping and Logan is watching a favorite on TV…Spiderman!  A perfect time to blog all the happenings of this past week.

Our business trip to Orlando was wonderful.  We stayed at the Walt Disney World Dolphin hotel, which is gorgeous.  We checked into our hotel, dropped off our stuff and went to Downtown Disney for a snack (some vegetable sushi) and a movie (Divergent).  Sunday night was a large welcome reception for the entire conference…over 6,000 people traveled to Orlando for this conference.  Huge buffet stations and open bars wherever you can see…basically it was a huge party.  Rob and I did pretty well the whole time, and did enjoy tasting some delicious vegetable dumplings and a glass of red wine.

Monday morning began with a beautiful breakfast spread, filled with muffins and danishes.  I was a little worried about what we would eat until I found three different types of freshly made vegetable and fruit juices.  We both had a ginger, carrot and orange juice concoction which was exactly what we needed to give us a boost of energy after having such a late night.  We all attended a business meeting that morning, then the guests were dismissed after lunch.


Instead of taking a nap or lazing around all afternoon, Lisa (Carl’s wife, the chef partner from Roy’s) and I decided to meet at the hotel gym and get our cardio on.  After an intense 45 minutes, we then took a nice stroll through the Disney Boardwalk and enjoyed the beautiful day.  Rob was able to get done with his meetings by 4:30pm, and we changed and left for dinner and the Memorial.

It was so weird to be without either of the crazies, and when we got back to the hotel after the Memorial, it was only 9pm.  Instead of staying in and watching TV, we decided to pretend to be night owls and have some fun.  We went to Old Town, rode some go-karts and did a little bit of shopping.


The next day was a free day, so we had our choice of what to do.  It wouldn’t feel right going to any of the Disney parks without the crazies, so instead we took advantage of our freedom and worked out together.  We then went to Downtown Disney and found the boys some toys…gotta let them know we still love them!  (haha)  After that, we met up with Carl and Lisa for some epic mini golfing fun.  We went to Fantasia Gardens, which is a 72 par mini golf course, complete with “sand” traps and hazards.  Rob seemed to have lots of issues trying to play the ball from weird angles…



And even though I wasn’t the most graceful of players…


I still finished in second!

We parted ways with Lisa and Carl, and decided to try out a new restaurant for lunch at Seasons 52.  I had wanted to try out this restaurant for almost 2 years, and knew that it would be a decent place to enjoy lunch, especially with our dietary restrictions.  Every meal on the menu has 475 calories or less, and the menu changes weekly, depending on the seasons and what is locally available at that time.

We had asparagus soup


Two different types of hummus


A vegetable tasting trio with tofu, broccolini, and asparagus, along with an arugula and portobello salad, fennel and apple slaw, snow peas with shittake mushrooms, and roasted potato wedges with a truffle sauce.


Lunch was perfect!  We left feeling light, refreshed and satisfied.   We went back to the hotel and took a nap (in the middle of the day!) and took our time getting ready for dinner.  The hotel provided a beautiful “Food and Wine” themed dinner for all the conference guests, complete with different stations of ethnic dishes, as well as tastings of wine to go a long with the food.  We had a vegetable stuffed tortilla, filled with lettuce, salsa, and guacamole from the Mexican table, rice noodle salad from the Asian tables, and (way) too many  falafels with tahini sauce.  We had fun talking with other people from different restaurants and catching up with friends from places Rob had worked before.  We all were speculating who the surprise artist was who was going to be performing for us.  Some thought it would be Jimmy Buffett, others said Enrique Iglesias (I was kind of pulling for him!) and no one knew exactly who it was until this…


The Goo Goo Dolls!

I LOVE concerts, but was super excited that one of my favorite groups from growing up was going to play.  A perk of going to a concert where there are only about 5,000 people?  We started the concert at only 50 feet from the stage…


And ended only 10 feet away!


It was an awesome night.

We woke up the next morning both excited to go home and see our boys, and a little sad that our mini-vacation was over already.  Time seems to fly by all the time, but especially when you are having fun (and sleeping well!)

Till next time…



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