And Just Like That…

It’s over.

What I thought would be the biggest test to my self-control is finished.  We did it!

I woke up this morning feeling very…unsettled.  First of all, Robs alarm went off right in the middle of a neat dream, but as soon as my eyes opened, I remembered that today was day 31 and I felt nervous.  When you do something consistently for 30 days, it becomes part of a pattern and a routine, and I feel a little (just a tiny little bit) guilty knowing that I am not only juicing anymore.  And I’m a little nervous thinking about keeping the scale going down with more than just juice.

So what is our plan?  I have been giving a lot of thought to the “after” part of this fast, trying to prepare for what will happen.  We are still going to keep juicing…at least one juice everyday.  The thought of giving that up really gets me frazzled, so we will still keep getting those amazing micro nutrients on a daily basis.  We are going to only eat a plant based whole food diet, 90% of the time.  No meat, no dairy, no processed foods, and no wheat.  The other 10% will be reserved for controlled tastes of other items and times when our diet is out of our control.  For example, when  invited over to someones house for dinner, I would never expect them to serve only the items we eat, so I allow a little leeway there.  If I am at a party and want a taste of the cake, that falls under the 10%, as well as if we really, really want some sushi one night.  I know from past mistakes that if I completely swear off one item, then that is the one thing I crave, and ultimately cave on.  This is not a diet, not something temporary, but this is our new lifestyle.  And there will always be the juice,  I’m very fond of the juice…after all, juicing has been the catalyst to the most major change in my health I’ve ever experienced.

Let’s talk about some of those changes.  This was Rob and I, 5 years ago…IMG_0704

And us, 10 days ago…


Over half of the change between these pictures happened only after we changed our diet and did our first 10 day juice fast…less than three months ago!  Since then, Rob has lost 53 pounds and I have lost 41.  (Rob has lost over 90 pounds from his highest weight, and I’ve lost almost 80!)

Those are the big numbers, but just in the past thirty days, I have lost a total of 18.8 pounds and 25 inches off my body while Rob has lost another 24 pounds and 26 1/2 inches!

But the numbers, while impressive and convincing on their own, don’t tell the whole story.  In three months, I have completely gotten rid of my (almost) high blood pressure and seemingly constant fatigue.  I have gone down four dress sizes and almost three pant sizes.  I now comfortably fit in Large fitted shirts ( nothing “extra” about it!)  My energy went from non-existent, barely able to get off the couch;  to ready to go and feeling fantastic right after waking up.  And sleep…ah, sleep!  I still wake up once a night with Evan, but in the past three months have not suffered once from insomnia.  I lay down to sleep and actually fall asleep, then wake up feeling refreshed.  During the day, I am more focused and aware, I swear the colors are brighter, my sight clearer.   And another fantastic side effect?  I don’t get ANY PMS signs anymore…no more cramps, bloating, or fatigue for days, nada!

Rob has gone from looking bloated and uncomfortable to having insane (even more than me) amounts of energy.  He is more focused and motivated at work and while at home.  I’m not sure what his blood pressure and cholesterol levels were before, but I’m sure every facet of his health has improved.  He no longer gets break-outs on his face, and all the exercise means that his stress level is lower than it ever has been.   He went from a size 52 suit jacket to comfortably fitting in a 44 suit jacket.  He used to always be exhausted, seemingly never able to get enough sleep, to now waking up in a great mood, most mornings before the sun is up.  He also did not have the greatest self esteem, since he knew he was lacking in motivation and discipline, but would do nothing about it.  He would complain about being in a “mind fog” every afternoon that would last a couple of hours.  All those complaints are gone completely.  In fact, he now looks forward to things that are challenging, after all, he drank only juice for 30 days…he can do anything!

The results make our eating decisions easy…I don’t think there is a cannoli or cake or cookie that tastes as good as we feel.  And I know that that sounds cliche, but it is the truth.  I don’t think we realized how horrible we felt at the time, until the veil was lifted and we could see how we should have been feeling all along.

Another blessing has been hearing stories that many of you have shared with me, from your struggles to your triumphs.  I’m so happy that we might have played a little part in helping anyone to feel better and improve their health…what a privilege it has been!  Both chefs at Rob’s work have started juicing after seeing his success, and will be starting their own 30 day fasts in the next few days.  There are at least ten other people that I have spoken to who now have juicers and are trying out different recipes.  And there are many others who I can’t wait to help in their journeys to taking control of their lives.

And it really does come down to control.  The past thirty days especially have taught me that I CAN have control over my health and my weight.  It changed the way I will forever view food and the direct relation it has to my health…they go hand in hand.

I will continue to blog and feature the new and healthy vegan recipes that we try as well as exercise and fitness goals (can anyone say 5K?) and of course, juicing!

Till next time…




4 thoughts on “And Just Like That…

  1. Well Congratulations Andrea & Rob. So sorry I didn’t leave a comment earlier. Not that I didnt want to or haven’t been reading all of your awesome blogs!! Seriously you guys should be so proud of yourselves!!! I know I am!! Wow what tremendous progress you have made in such a short time. Its amazing how much of a change not just in what you look outside but even more importantlyl inside and how much healthier and alive you are now!!! Thank you for taking the time everyday to keep us posted on your progress and all the wonderful juicing recipes!! Have you guys seen the Lego movie yet? Anyway I hope you have. The song in it is really cute and catchy. (Chase loves it). Anyway it goes “Everything is Awesome.” So I changed the words to say “Andrea & Rob are awesome!” So what was your first real meal? Did you make your summer rolls? Im gonna buy that book you suggested on healthy recipes. Once you guys move back up to PA, I’m coming to you guys for help and suggestions! Seriously so proud and love you guys!

  2. OooooOh yea! I knew you’d do it. Cause you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to 😍. So proud and happy for you. Btw – grandpa and Linda got their juicer out now too. Love you always – aunt Leenie

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