Day 27

I had a very vivid dream last night that I was running my first marathon.  I could feel the pavement under my feet, the sweat pooling on my back, and heard the music playing in my ears.  It was so realistic that I woke up and my heart was pounding, just like it would be if I had been running in real life.  It was awesome.

Running a marathon has always been a dream of mine, one that seemed SO far away and unrealistic, but that ultimate goal is getting closer.  Since losing some weight, running has become so much easier, and I’m able to run at a faster pace for longer than I ever have before.  It is still a far cry from being able to do that for 4 hours at a time, but I’m only halfway to my weight loss goal, so I’m starting to believe that running a marathon is eventually going to be possible for me.

After the greatest dream ever, I had a hard time staying asleep, so I was one sleepy girl today.  I hustled around the kitchen this morning, prepping our juices.   I never finished the second Papa-yum juice that I made yesterday, so I fluffed the leftovers with some orange and yellow peppers and carrots and viola…snack juice for both of us today.

veggie-fied Papa-yum juice
             veggie-fied Papa-yum juice

I still had two pesky beets that were hanging out in my bottom fridge drawer, so they were center stage for our breakfast and dessert juice.

Beet, Apple and Grapefruit  (4 servings)

2 beet roots, peeled

12 large carrots

2 pink grapefruit

2 apples


It seems as though this juice fast has helped beets and I to repair our rocky relationship from the past, because now we are BFF’s…or as close as one can be to a beet they plan on juicing.  I may even have to give them another try when the fast ends, maybe roasted in a salad with grapefruit and walnuts?


Both Rob and I were not feeling that great about going to the gym.  Rob had a late night at work, so he was tired this morning too.  But, we forced ourselves to get off our butts and went in with a plan to get as much done as quickly as we could, knowing that the baby bomb named Evan might go off at any time and one of us would have to go rescue him from the gym daycare.  We even made it the whole way through our sets of barbell presses when I heard my name announced to come and collect our hysterically upset child.  Rob was kind enough to get his this time, while I finished up our chest and back workout, then swapped places with Rob so he could finish his.  Stinky little brat…

By the time we got home, Rob had to quickly get changed for work while I finished preparing our green juice for the day.  Fortunately, I was able to wash and cut most of the veggies before we left for the gym, so it was relatively quick and easy.

Mean Green (4 servings)

4 cucumbers

16 stalks of celery

8 apples

2 lemons

2 inch piece of ginger

26 kale leaves

We found Mayer lemons on sale at the market, and used them in this juice, as well as the organic ginger found at Jessica’s Farm stand this past weekend.  The Mayer lemons are sweeter and juicier than typical lemons, while the organic ginger is a LOT more potent than conventional grown is.  The combo of the two made a fantastic Mean Green juice that is tart, sweet and spicy at the same time.

Packing up Rob's juices for the day
Packing up Rob’s juices for the day.


So, it’s another good juice day.  There aren’t too many of these days left in the fast (only three more!) so I’m trying my hardest to enjoy the simplicity of drinking just juice and reflecting on all that it has taught me.  It’s a good day…




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