Day 26

The final countdown is on people!  5 days left of juicing and then this experiment is in the past.  The month of March seems to really have flown by, and it’s even crazier to look back and realize that we have been exclusively juicing almost the entire time.

In general, I am feeling great.  People are starting to notice the change and have to ask us what we are doing.  My response…”A little of everything.”  Weight training, regular and intense cardio, and juice fasting combined with a plant based whole food diet before and after the fast.  If we were doing just one thing, we would be having results, but nowhere as dramatic as the ones we are having now.

It is amazing to me that all the abuse I’ve put my body through the past thirty years has almost exclusively been undone by adopting a new diet and juice fasting for less than three months.  And while I’m excited about the changes, I am really, really ready to start eating food again.  I believe our perfect juice fast would have ended around day 24…on day 24 I felt solid and confident.  I am almost too excited for the next part of this journey, being able to prepare and cook beautiful, healthy, amazing foods, that these last days of the fast are simply d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g!

It was time to try something new for breakfast this morning.  Papaya!


I had to look up the best way to juice papaya, and while you can juice the entire thing, the peel and seeds tend to give a bitter taste, so we chose to remove them.



Papa-yum juice (4 servings)

1 whole papaya, peeled and seeded

1/2 pineapple

12 large carrots

1 large handful of mint

1 dash of nutmeg




Oh, this is GOOD.  Like I-will-drink-this-every-single-day-forever-and-be-perfectly-happy GOOD.  Surprisingly, it is not too sweet, but the papaya and pineapple make it thick and creamy.  I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it…


I’ve never seen Evan down juice as fast as he drank this…he was running out of breath!

After a quick trip to the market (after all, what day would be complete without going there!) Rob and I prepared our green juice.  We went with a tried and true favorite.  After the bitter Green Lemonade juice yesterday, I wasn’t going to risk another less than delicious juice.  I changed up the recipe a bit by adding a little less fennel and more celery.

Green Elixir (6 servings)

1 fennel bulb, plus greens

20 kale leaves

14 celery stalks

8 apples

4 cucumbers

I just love this juice.  It is packed with a ton of veggies and leafy green kale, but the fennel and apples make it taste sweet and like fresh licorice.

Even though I’m ready to eat, there is no way I’m going to stop juicing on day 26.  We’ve made it this far, how disappointing to stop when we are so close to finishing?  Till tomorrow…


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