Day 25

This will be a short blog entry today…it’s Sunday Funday!  Rob has off of work and it is gorgeous outside, plus we have two very excited boys who want to run around, so we are going to take advantage and go to a local park.

Breakfast and dessert juice is majorly delicious.

Carrot Cake (4 servings)

3 sweet potatoes

10-12 carrots

6 apples

dash of cinnamon


I never would have thought that juicing sweet potatoes would result in something so wonderful, but it really is amazing.  The starch gives the juice a thick, almost smoothie like texture.  Plus, the cinnamon really makes this juice taste like a dessert.  I whisk the cinnamon in before portioning out our juices for the day.  One quick shake and it’s ready to go!


I took the extra time we had before leaving for the meeting to prep up our green juice, so when we came home, all I had to do was wash the kale and juice away.

Green Lemonade (6 servings)

4 cucumbers

4 lemons

4 apples

4 large handfuls of spinach

25 kale leaves

8 celery stalks


Action shots!
                                Action shots!


This juice is okay…a little too tart for my tastes today, so I’m really going to be looking forward to the dessert juice later!  Another apple or two and this would be a bit more enjoyable.

Alright, time to enjoy the day and play!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic day with their loved ones!



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