Day 24

Whew!  It has been a busy busy morning so far.  Making the kids breakfast, going grocery shopping, packing for the gym, dropping Rob off at work, and more shopping.  Writing this blog is giving me a chance to relax for a little, then off to a get-together at a playground for the kids.

We were running out of almost all of our juicing supplies, so I needed to be creative with our juices for today.  Breakfast and dessert are an old staple, but you can’t go wrong with this juice.

Carrot, Apple and Ginger (2 servings)

8 large carrots

2 large apples

2 inches ginger

Super simple and quick to prepare, this juice is sweet, fresh and a little spicy from the ginger.  I forgot to get pictures of it this morning, since I was rushing to get it all done.

The green juice is my own recipe, based on what was leftover in the fridge.  I can’t think of a cute or witty name for this juice.  If you try it and think up a name, let me know!

Makes 6 servings

2 bunches of kale

2 lemons

4 parsnips

3 inches fresh ginger

10 stalks of celery

3 cucumbers

3 yellow squash

2 large apples


I was able to use up a lot of smaller amounts that were extra leftovers from other recipes, and the end results tastes good, a lot like the Mean Green recipe.


This little siesta was nice, but now I have to do two loads of laundry before going to the playground.  Till tomorrow!


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