Progress Report #2!

It’s that time again!  Another ten days down, with only 9 more to go.  While I am thankful and excited about the results of this fast so far, I am looking forward to it ending.  I miss food, more specifically, I really miss baked sweet potatoes and vegetable summer rolls.  Looks like I know what one of my first real meals will be!

So, 10 more days have passed.  I was a little nervous getting out the tape measure today, thinking there would be too much of a difference, but was pleasantly surprised.  Every measurement was a little bit less, but my biggest loss was again my waist…two more inches!  Rob shrunk a little more, losing another 6 1/2 inches off his body, with his biggest loss also being his waist (3 inches!)  He has lost another 6.6 pounds, while I am down a solid 5 in the last ten days.  So, not as crazy of numbers as the last progress report, but I’m really happy about it.

Other changes we’ve noticed?  My fingernails, which have always been brittle and thin, are now a lot thicker and stronger.  I might actually have a shot at growing them out if I felt like it.  My hair has also gotten thicker and a little bit more unruly.  It used to be pin straight and flat, but there is a lot more volume and curl now.   I either have to flat iron it or pull it all back in order to look like I didn’t get caught in a tornado.  I’m also sleeping better and longer, able to wake up before any alarms feeling completely rested.  And Rob?  He’s always been crazy, but his energy level is through the roof.  Every day he is excited by the changes he sees,  and he practically skips around the house.  He is within a couple pounds of being the smallest he has ever been, and you can tell that he is proud and excited to get there.  Overall, we are doing amazingly well.

I’m a little bit slower today than usual, but I blame the yesterdays intense workout for that.  My entire upper body is S.O.R.E. today…seriously, from my hips up feels like one enormous bruise.  It’s a good pain though, since I know it is pain from muscle fibers being ripped and built back stronger.

Just a quick note about day 20.  The juice with red chard turned out awful.  At first taste, it wasn’t too bad, but then the juice separated and developed this gross, brown float of foamy pulp at the top.  I sifted out as much as I could, then mixed it up before drinking, but we kept getting little bits of chard in our mouths, and it just tasted too much like dirt.  This is the third or fourth time I’ve tried chard in juices, and I can’t seem to make myself like it, let alone enjoy it.  Consider yourselves warned 😉

I think Rob knew that I was hurting this morning, so he mentioned making an Australian Gold juice for breakfast and I almost wept.  This is hands down my favorite juice I’ve ever tried.  We modify it to make a double batch following the recipe, than add carrots to fluff the veggie content.  The carrots really don’t change the flavor much at all, but makes it so that I (ahem, WE) can enjoy the juice twice in one day.

Australian Orange (4 servings)

1 pineapple

2 yellow or orange bell peppers

2 lemons

10-12 carrots


We had to run to the market for some kale and cucumbers (always run out of the same things!) and I had to find a simple and quick recipe for our green juice, since Rob had to hustle off to work.

Celery, Apple, and Cucumber (2 servings)

6 stalks of celery

2 apples

2 cucumbers

1 bunch of kale

This juice is great, and after the disaster of a juice from yesterday, we needed something that was light and a touch sweet as a treat for our taste buds.  The original recipe calls for pears instead of apples, (which would be SO good) but I can’t seem to find any pears that look decent, so apples it is.  I’m thinking a handful or two of basil or mint (oh, or both!) would make this even better.

see what I mean about crazy energy?  Now I know where the boys get it from :)
see what I mean about crazy energy? Now I know where the boys get it from 🙂

I’m enjoying playing catch up around the house on this mellow (and beautiful) day. Till tomorrow…



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