Day 20

Day 20.  Wow, I can’t believe we have made it this far.  If you would have told me three months ago that I would go 20 days without eating, only drinking homemade vegetable juice, I would have thought you were crazy.   It is crazy, though.  It’s extreme.  But it’s working and for me, makes sense.

Since the end is within sight, I have been thinking a lot about what happens after the fast is over.  A lot of the criticisms people have about juicing is that it is not realistic to do for an extended period of time, and that all the weight lost will pile back on as soon as you go back to eating normal food.  And it is true that there are many, many diets out there that work while you are on them, but are impossible to maintain any weight loss. I swear that I have tried or know someone close to me that has tried ALL of them.  I am not looking at this fast as a type of diet but rather a tool to help me with a pretty dramatic lifestyle change.

If you ask different fitness aficionados what food is to them, it is fuel, plain and simple.  But to me (and a lot other people) food has almost exclusively been about feelings.  Celebrating good times and dealing with the bad ones, I have a history of taking advantage of food and trying to make it fix things, which is not what it is meant  for.

There has to be some sort of balance between consuming food as just a means to nourish our body, and enjoying food to nourish our heart.  That is why doing this fast is so important and vital to my success in the long haul. It is forcing me to learn how to have self control around food and to learn that I can survive (and thrive) on a lot less than I ever thought possible.  It is teaching me that it is okay to feel hungry, and that the majority of the time, I’m either bored or really just thirsty.  It is teaching me to listen to my body, and only feed it things that help it to work the right way.  And most importantly, it is teaching me that vegetables are just so stinkin good.  No really…they are!

We had a good morning today, followed by a mellow afternoon.  Logan woke up in a happy mood, and since I had packed his his lunch and book bag the night before, there wasn’t a  crazy last minute dash to get out the door for school.  Rob made both our protein shakes and breakfast and dessert juice today.  He calls this creation:

Apple, Carrot and Citrus (4 servings)

2 apples

10 large carrots

4 clementines

3 ugli fruit

1 ruby grapefruit


Living in Florida does have it’s perks, and having a steady supply of fresh local citrus is one of my favorites.  Total cost for all citrus in this juice?  Less than $1.50… and oh, so good.


We were able to get a good start to get the gym, and after dropping Evan off at the daycare, were able to warm up together.  Today was chest, back and abs, and no sooner did we get through the first set of barbell presses, then our names were announced over the intercom  asking us to report to the childcare center.  Uh oh!  When I got within 10 feet of the daycare door, I could hear Evan screaming.  He ran towards me and turned his head away from everyone else.  I don’t know what happened, but was told that he would start freaking out every time another parent would open the door to drop off their child.  So Evan and I walked around outside and did some window shopping while Rob finished his workout, then we swapped so that I could finish mine.  Looks like the gym gods were not smiling on us today, but we still were able to get a great workout in.

By the time we got home, it was time for Evan’s nap, so I hustled around getting our prep done for the big green juice today.

Red and Mean Green (6 servings)

20 Red chard leaves

8 kale leaves

4 cucumbers

8 apples

16 stalks of celery

2 lemons


Red chard is starting to grow on me, even though I find it to have a slightly earthy taste to it. The apples and lemons help to balance out all the flavors.

I’m feeling unstoppable right now, just going to keep on keepin on!


3 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. Wow day 20. What an achievement! I know its true i’m an emotional eater. You certainly are learning self control & feed yourself what ate bodies so desperately need. Something Ive never learned to do sadly & I’m much older than you guys! I know your unstoppable. Your such an inspiration. Love ya.

  2. Hi kiddo! Enjoying your blog! You go girl!!😍. You’re looking good 👍. I was so thirsty tonight … I juiced 4 apples and a whole lemon and added ice. It was the most delicious lemonade ever! Noah said “I could drink this all the time!” IMG_0987.JPG IMG_0364.jpeg. We bought 25 lbs of these huge carrots at gratz auction today for only $11! Hope the pics come through!

    1. Aw, that’s a great deal on carrots! Our local grocery store has 25 pounds of organic carrots for $17…I just bought our fourth package of them 🙂 That lemonade sounds SO good…I’ll have to try it. Love you 🙂

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