Day 19!

I’m going to start the post of with a little before and after shot Rob and I unknowingly took yesterday.

Taken 8 weeks ago...
Taken 8 weeks ago…
and taken yesterday :)
and taken yesterday 🙂

Woah!  A total of 80 pounds lost between both of us, from the first picture to the one taken yesterday.  I can tell why Rob has been getting a lot of compliments…the entire shape of his face has changed and he looks much younger than he did just two months ago.  For me, I still have my big cheeks (I was born with those chompers…they aren’t going anywhere!) but I am starting to get dimples, and instead of folds of skin, I’m getting wrinkles.  Some people have been asking if I have been tanning, (which I haven’t) but I think it is just the “glow” from all the micro-nutrients.

I had a bit of a cranky morning, between waking up early with Evan who is getting a head cold, and disciplining Logan for (again) not listening to a direct order.  It is a gross, rainy day, and instead of all of us packing into the car to run a couple of errands, I did them by myself…all before having my first juice.  I came home still cranky, but saw that Rob was trying to put away dishes and prepare our first juice, which just looked beautiful, and I instantly perked up.  See boys?…all you gotta do to make us happy is show a little effort!

Cantaloupe, Mint and Carrot (4 servings)

1 whole cantaloupe, peeled and seeded

12 large carrots

two handfuls of peppermint

Isn't it pretty?
                               Isn’t it pretty?

I need to remember to use mint more often, because this was SO good and refreshing.

We still had a huge honeydew remaining that needed to be used up, but Rob really did NOT like the “Dew the Green” juice that I made last time.  I decided to mix and match vegetable to see if I could make something tasty and flavorful.

Dew the Everything (haha) (6 servings)

1/2 honeydew, peeled (you can juice the seeds)

2 lemons

8 stalks celery

4 small zucchini

4 cucumbers

20 kale leaves

1 tomato

2 inches fresh ginger


The juice turned out pretty good.  If I make it again, I would probably only use one lemon, since it is tart.  It is not a sweet juice, but instead tastes very…(for lack of a better word) vegetable-y.  This probably would not be a good mix to have when first starting to ease into juicing, but after SO many juices, they all start to taste alike, so something savory is a good change of pace.



It seems like we go shopping for juicing supplies ALL. THE. TIME.  But there is only so much room available in our fridge, and still it always looks like a garden is growing out of it.  To help make a little extra room, Rob found a heavy duty 10 gallon Rubbermaid container that keeps all our carrots (we get 25 pounds at a time) apples, and citrus fruits safe, clean and away from pesky fruit flies.


We keep it out on the same counter as the juicer, so everything is easily within reach.  I hate having extra things on my counter tops, but like knowing that there is fresh, good produce available at any time.   Big milestone is coming tomorrow…day 20!

Thank you to all who read and leave comments and feedback.  Knowing that you are participating in this experiment and journey with me makes it a lot easier to ignore cravings and stick to the program.  It really means a lot to have as much support as we do, so thank you!



One thought on “Day 19!

  1. Hey guys. Wow what results. 80 lbs in only 8 weeks! Thats awesome! You are so gorgeous Andrea! You do look like ur tanning. So proud of u guys!!

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