Day 18

Wow, can’t believe we are already halfway through day 18.   Today is Sunday, and usually one of my favorite days of the week.  But Rob has a function to attend for work, so the crazies and I are enjoying a lazy Sunday together.  I even was able to sneak in a mini nap after Evan went down for his, so I’m a happy mama right now.

Our morning started pretty early.  Rob set an alarm before dawn to try to sneak out to the gym.  Of course, both the boys decided to wake up extra early, so we all were awake and moving around way before 7 am.  Logan occupied himself by playing games on our tablet while Evan and I snuggled and watched a National Geographic documentary.  I eventually grabbed the boys a quick snack, then set to making some juicy breakfast goodness.  After looking in the fridge at our dwindling supplies, I knew I’d have to be creative with our veggies to make enough juices for today.  But I was delighted to see that our pineapple was golden and ripe, and yellow peppers were waiting for me.  Time for a tweak to my favorite, Australian Gold juice.

Australian Orange: (4 servings)

1 pineapple

2 yellow bell peppers

2 inches fresh ginger

2 lemons

10 large carrots

The addition of the carrots sweetened up this juice from it’s original, more-tart version, and helped to make enough juice for breakfast and dessert tonight.  I poured out our juices into the appropriate jars and started to rinse our the juicer when Rob came home, all sweaty and excited from his workout.  It was great timing, since he was able to get breakfast ready for the crazies while I tried to figure out how to make enough green juice with our leftover veggies, and make it taste good.  We had almost enough supplies to make four portions of

Green-Carrot-Ginger (4 servings)

4 cucumbers (I only had three left)

16 carrots

12 kale leaves

2 apples or pears

4 inches fresh ginger


Just looking at the ingredients all together, I knew it wouldn’t make enough for all the portions we needed…it was time to get creative.  I was all out of carrots, cucumber, and lemons, but on rummaging through the fridge found one green and red bell pepper.  I also had a cup of large grapes that needed to go, plus some celery.  I also added eight more leaves of kale to up the veggie content.

That looks more like it!
                  That looks more like it!

The experiment was a success!  We have enough juice to last until tomorrow, and the result was pretty tasty, and packed with all the good stuff.

Keeping on juicing…



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