Day 17

Well, I’m feeling a lot better than I was yesterday.  I had a great workout at the gym, as well as a blast playing with the kids at the playground.  I even splurged and got a pan pizza from Domino’s for the boys to eat at the playground, and they were so excited.  Before we changed our diets, I used to order Domino’s a lot, since they delivered to our house.  It used to be the perfect, lazy mama supper.  But now not only is the whole family eating better, but I’m not too lazy anymore.

Juicing is becoming part of our routine, and I feel like I’m losing some of the excitement that I first had at the beginning.  On the other hand, we’ve been at this long enough that we are starting to experiment with the recipes to create new juices to keep things interesting.  We got an early start to the day, and both Rob and I prepped the breakfast juice while the kiddos enjoyed their breakfast of a banana and granola bar.

Beet, grapefruit and carrot (4 servings)

2 beets, peeled

2 ruby grapefruit

2 apples

12 carrots



This fast has helped to change my tastes…I actually looked forward to making a beet juice this morning.  And this juice did not disappoint, both the beets and grapefruit were delicious, while the carrots added some bulk to the juice.



My legs are hurting from weightlifting yesterday, so a protein shake was in order this morning.  I’ve experimented with drinking the protein powder in all different ways (in plain water, mixed in the juice, blended into the juice) but the best way to take it is the easiest.  A cup of water, 1 scoop of powder, mix it quick and CHUG it as fast as you can.  It still is gritty, but by chasing it with a juice, the flavor goes away quickly.

Breakfast of champions
                     Breakfast of champions

We were able to get the crazies fed, packed and ready for service on time today.  After a great morning doing the invitation work for the Memorial, Rob and I prepared the veggies for our big green juice.  I still had a portion left over from yesterday’s Mean Green, so for simplicities sake, we followed the same recipe, making a few adjustments:

Mean Green, day two 🙂  (4-6 servings)

16 kale leaves

16 spinach leaves

2 lemons

6 apples

2 inches fresh ginger

16 stalks of celery

2 cucumbers

2 zucchini

This modification was really good and lighter than the original.  Spinach juiced is surprisingly crisp and clean tasting, and cutting the amount of apples let the lemons really come to the front.

Evan is napping, so now Logan and I are going to take advantage and do some work to do on the garden.  Our cauliflower is finally ready to be harvested, plus we can make room for another batch of bell peppers!  I think the garden is going to be expanding this summer, hopefully to have lots of cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and herbs.  I’m getting hungry already!


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