We are at the halfway point!

I don’t have a lot to say or different recipes to share today since I majorly over juiced yesterday, but I’m so excited to be halfway done with this fast!  The days seem to be flying by now.  Rob went out in early morning service this morning, while I took care of the kids and got Logan to school on time.  I came home and prepped what would be our breakfast and desert juice, and since it was going to be such an easy juicing day, decided on trying a new recipe.

Spiced Celery, Carrot and Apple (1 serving)

3 stalks celery

3 large carrots

1 apple

2 inches of fresh ginger

enough of the good stuff :)
                 enough of the good stuff 🙂


This was good and the celery made it taste very fresh.  I’m a bit of a ginger wuss, so I put about half the ginger that the recipe called for, but I shouldn’t have messed with it since the only thing this juice needed was more ginger!

So that’s it!  I have enough of the juices from yesterday to drink today.  It’s a good thing too, because we have a ton of things to get done today that the extra time saved from not juicing is coming in handy.  Right now we are relaxing a bit and watching a great movie on TV (“Run, Fatboy, Run”…one of my favorites!)  Already we have gone to the gym where we killed our arms (I’ll be lucky to be able to pick up Evan at all tomorrow) and did our big shopping trip for the week at the farmers market.  Evan is now napping, so I’ll turn off the TV and start studying for the meeting, than we have to clean the car and the garage.  And later the lawn needs to be mowed and the pool cleaned.   Overall, its going to be a good and productive day today, plus since Rob has off of work, we get to do it all as a family.  That always makes for a happy mama!


One thought on “We are at the halfway point!

  1. Hi Andrea & Rob. I’ve been reading your blog just for the past few days and finally got caught up and up to date now. Wow you guys are AMAZING!!!! I really mean that!!! So proud of you guys!!!! You make me laugh and cry!! Seriously you are an inspiration to me. I know Melody has been juicing ‘more like the past week. I believe like twice a day she’s drinking juices which is a start and she’s feeling better too. We have an awesome juicer, so I’ve got to dig it out and start trying some of these awesome recipes! I really appreciate that your journaling this awesome adventure you guys are on! Just cant imagine how much this is changing your whole life, not just your body but everything else. Just wanted to let you know how proud of I am of you guys and know that it takes ALOT OF WORK! Love Ya’s!!!!!

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