Day 14

Today is going to be a super juice-alicious day…I can just tell.  I woke up really hungry first thing this morning, so I was a bit of a grump.  Rob was smart enough to take Logan to school and give me a chance to be alone for a bit, and by the time he got home, I was feeling better, and had been able to get our breakfast and snack recipes ready to be juiced.  Breakfast and dessert today was inspired by needing to use up some citrus and pineapple before they went bad (really novel inspiration, haha).

Orange, Carrot, Pineapple and Ginger (4 servings)

3 small oranges

3 tangerines

1/2 pineapple

12 large carrots

2 inches of fresh ginger


Rob, Evan and I sat down and had our breakfast together, which is always a nice way to start the day and helped the rest of my crankiness to go away.   We had to make a quick run to Publix for some last minute juicing supplies and some things for the kids to eat (I keep forgetting that I have to feed them to!)  Once we were home, full on juicing was in effect, with me prepping away and Rob doing the heavy pushing. 🙂

First up was a juice that Rob has been wanting to try for the past two months, but every time we would attempt to make it, we were missing some ingredient.   I made sure that we finally had everything.  The tomatoes were from the organic farm stand, and they are B-E-A utiful.  I’m a bit of a tomato snob, and the difference between organic and the traditional pesticide ridden versions are huge!  These tomatoes were so sweet (I did sneak a tiny taste) and juicy, that while I only prepped enough ingredients for two portions, it made enough for four.


Gazpacho Juice (2-4 servings)

8 plum tomatoes (I used a mix of heirloom ugly tomatoes and beefsteak)

2 cucumbers

4 celery stalks

2 sweet red bell peppers

1/4 red onion (I used three spring onions)

3 large handfuls of parsley

2 limes

sea salt and ground black pepper

Oh mama mia, this is SO good.  Sometimes I just want vegetables to taste like vegetables, and this tastes like a tomato soup made from tomatoes just picked that morning, and boy, do I love me some tomato soup!

juice before and after settling
                 juice before and after settling

I’m so excited that the recipe made enough for me to enjoy this beauty again tomorrow.  It’s so good, I’m going to heat it up and eat it with a spoon for snack time.

We had to use up that enormous fennel purchased the other day…there wasn’t enough room in my fridge for everything!

Green Elixir (2 servings)

10 Kale leaves

2 cucumbers

1 fennel bulb, plus fronds

4 apples (or pears)

4 celery stalks


Again, I only prepared enough veggies for four servings, but it made enough for 6!  I’m blaming the monster fennel for all the extra juice…


Whew, that’s alotta juice!  It gives us a good start on tomorrow…half the juices are already done.  There aren’t a lot of chores to do today, so I’m going to relax, drink up, and enjoy some cheesy TV.  Till tomorrow!




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