Day 9

I love a good, slow morning…taking my time to wake up and get dressed.  Slowly deciding on breakfast while enjoying and savoring a nice hot cup of tea.  Ahh, I can almost imagine that blissfulness in my head.  That however, was not our reality this morning.  This morning consisted of me frantically making french toast for the boys while half dressed.  Rob was on the help line with Amazon, since our Kindle was freezing all the time.  We still had NO food for juicing today, so all this craziness happened while I had an empty stomach.  I was able to guzzle a cup of hot tea on our way to the food market where we made record time getting all the items on our list.  On our way home, we game planned about who would be doing what, since three juices had to be prepped, made and put into our glass jars before Rob went to work… in just 45 minutes.

Juice one, for breakfast and dessert today

Orange, Carrot and Lemon (2 servings)

4 apples

4 carrots

2 lemons



This was really yummy and tart…just like a great lemonade should be.  It was so good, I would rather make a batch of this to have at a picnic then drinking the sugar laden lemonades sold in stores.

Rob prepped up our snack (and beet) juice of the day.  We found some beautiful whole beets with greens at the market, and decided to use the entire beet for a change, and altered a recipe I had used before.

Red Citrus (2 servings)

3 entire beets

10 kale leaves

2 grapefruits

4 oranges


The beet greens made the juice taste a little more earthy than just using kale would have, but still really tasty and different.

The green juice for lunch and dinner today:

missing the two bunches of kale in this picture
missing the two bunches of kale in this picture

Green Elixir (2 servings)

10 kale leaves

2 cucumbers

2 fennel bulbs and greens

4 apples

4 stalks of celery

My kitchen was a mess with grocery bags half opened all over the floor, little vegetable particulates splatted all over the kitchen, Ball jars filled with juice but missing their lids, but we (barely) made it.  Rob was dressed, juiced and out the door, just a couple of minutes late.  We are getting good at this new, excitement packed routine in the mornings.  No one ever said that juicing wasn’t a lot of work, but all the effort is worth it.  Just look at the finished result…definitely will be enjoying the rainbow today!




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