Day 7

Ahh, I am finally sitting down, drinking some green juice, after a very hectic but rewarding morning.  Rob and I decided to take a risk this morning and bring both the crazies with us to the gym.  I pay extra for the privilege, and we don’t take advantage of their childcare enough.  We used to take the kiddos to the gym, until Evan one day decided that the carpet turns into monsters who bite his toes (the only logical explanation) and flipped his lid.  I tried two other times to bring him, brought toys from home to play with, and even spent 10 minutes at first playing with him in the childcare room, trying to get him used to it.  Nothing worked, I was constantly being called over the intercom about 15 minutes into my workout to a sobbing child strapped to the swing.  I couldn’t take it, so Rob and I have been alternating when we go to the gym, so one of us is home with the kids.

This morning, there wasn’t enough time to do that, and I wasn’t going to miss out on another chance to get to the gym.  I hurried through making our morning juice, deciding to go with a favorite and tweaking it a little to make enough for 4 drinks total.

Australian Gold, redone  (4 servings)

1 pineapple

2 yellow bell peppers

2 lemons

2 in piece of fresh ginger

2 oranges

10 carrots

This was really good and satisfying.  Who knew juicing peppers would come out so delicious?  I’m not a huge fan of them, only in small quantities, but they are so great juiced.

Extra green juice from yesterday on left, Gold juice on right.
Extra green juice from yesterday on left, Gold juice on right.

Then we packed up the crazies and headed off to the gym.  I made Rob try to drop off the boys, thinking Evan might not lose his marbles as quickly with daddy around.  I sneakily watched from the window for 5 minutes while Rob played with him, then decided I better take advantage of this time and get to the workout.  I started with running a mile on the treadmill for a warm up.  Rob joined me about halfway through my mile, and warned me to keep an earphone out, so I could hear them if they call…not a good sign!  We then decided to do legs today (because who really enjoys walking normally? lol) doing leg presses, hamstring curls, calf raises, a crazy amount of squats, then 10 minutes on the stair master.  I was SO tired after all of this, but excited because we never got called to pick up the screaming banshee!  The gym gods must have been watching us today…or maybe he is growing up and not needing mommy as much.  Either way, I’ll take it.

Rob showered and got ready for work while I prepped our green juice of the day and made us some protein water.  Since we are doing a long fast, we are supplementing our juice with some vegan protein powder everyday.


I should have mixed the powder with one of our juices, but didn’t want to waste time this morning.  Drinking it plain with water is…okay.  Not horrible, but I wouldn’t CHOOSE to do it that way if I didn’t need to get it down quickly.

Also because of the time constraint, I decided to go with another easy juice and change it a little.  This recipe usually calls for pears, but since we are running low on supplies,I used apples instead.

Celery, apple and cucumber (makes 4 servings)

15 kale leaves

4 cucumbers

12 celery stalks

4 apples


Good twist on a great juice, which I am enjoying as we speak.  After this brief siesta, it will be onto to full catch- up- around- the- house mode.  There are piles of clean laundry to be folded, Rob’s shirts to be ironed, vacuums to be run, etc.  I’m trying to find the balance between taking care of myself, the hubs, the crazies and the house.  So far only the house is a hot mess…three out of four isn’t too bad!  Day 7 DONE…onto the second week!


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