Feeling Fine on Day 6

Today is going to be a great day, I can just tell.  It is beautiful and sunny and warm outside, the crazies are out of school and I planned a swimming day with some friends from the Kingdom Hall.  Plus, after cleaning out the closet yesterday evening and finding a lot of stuff too BIG, I’m as chipper as a chipmunk!

When getting rid of clothes is a happy event!
When getting rid of clothes is a happy event!

I woke up this morning at 6:30a, wide awake.  I was able to catch up on some reading before both Rob and Logan woke up, then packed up for the gym.  It was my first time going back since the start of this fast, and was well overdue.  Since we are not eating, only drinking a restricted amount of calories, I wanted to give my body a chance to get used to it before I shocked it back into action.  Yeah, I would still lose weight without pushing myself and going to the gym, but why wouldn’t I help accelerate the process and build more muscle?  It would be like trying to cook pasta without first boiling the water…it would eventually cook, but would take a lot longer and not taste as good.

After the gym, I stopped at a local farmers market for more supplies and came home to an apple, carrot and ginger juice (LOTS of ginger) waiting for me, courtesy of the hubs.  (Told you he was a great guy!)  Then the juicing party began!

Rob made more carrot, apple and ginger juice for our dessert tonight, while I got busy prepping another beet (ahhh!) juice.

Red Citrus (1 serving)

2 beets (I scaled that down to 1 beet, since I’m a wuss)

6-8 kale leaves

1 ruby grapefruit

2 oranges

I substituted some tangerines for oranges, since we had a couple that needed to be used up.  After sampling a little taste, I’m impressed…not too shabby!  Still very beety, but drinkable.  Plus, the color came out this dark, plum shade…

Carrot, apple, ginger juice on right, red citrus juice on the left
Carrot, apple, ginger juice on left, red citrus juice on the right

For our green juice, Rob has really been wanting to try juicing zucchini, so I found this recipe:

Mighty Green Grape (makes 2 servings)

1/2 cucumber

1 zucchini

handful of parsley

6 asparagus spears

1 large tomato

1 apple

30 purple or red grapes

I’m not sure what type of grapes that we purchased, but they were HUGE!


The juicer ate them up like it was no ones business.  This juice is good, crisp, and lighter than some of the leafier juices.


Then I found another recipe for our last green juice (anyone keeping count yet?)

Green Citrus (2 servings)

4 apples

4 oranges

12 handfuls of leafy greens (I used kale and red chard)

It looked so good, someone decided to try and grab some of it…

Hands off my prep, ya mooch!
Hands off my prep, ya mooch!

Only after I was completely done and bottling up this juice, did I realize I made an extra one!  Guess I got a little ahead of myself, but we will just use it tomorrow.  Moral of the story:  Don’t try to stop me when I’m in a juicing mood, haha!


5 thoughts on “Feeling Fine on Day 6

    1. Good for you for keeping to it! My first was a 10 day fast, and I struggled horribly, but it is really all worth it. It has completely changed not only my physical health, but mental as well. Thanks for stopping by…I read your blog earlier today. We can keep each other motivated 🙂

  1. The juices look good, Andrea! Very proud of your success and adventure in juicing! I’m feeling bloated lately (even without gluten and eating healthy) so I’m going to try some recipes on my own too. My fresh ingredients are oranges, apples, grapefruit, grapes, spinach, red beets, pineapples, tomatoes, lemons. Any ideas of what to start with?

    1. Gross bloat 😦 I say juice for a couple of mornings and see how you feel. Beet, grapefruit and orange is SO stinkin good. Apple, carrot and ginger is also super tasty and good for helping the bloat to go down. But my fav so far is 1/2 pineapple (peeled and cored), 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 lemon (peeled) and 1 in piece of ginger…holy cow, Batman, it’s like drinking the sun 🙂 Thanks for reading Amy!

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