Breaking up With Food

Food and I had entered into a bad relationship.  Our relationship started off great…I’d eat a good variety of it, and food would give me energy to run and play as a little girl.  I grew to be more in love with food the older I got…I loved it so much, I surrounded myself with food.  I went to school to learn more about food and I married a man who was just as in love with food as I was.  Our relationship looked balanced and beautiful on the surface, but it started to go sour.  I started to use food to do everything…to help me cope with stress and sadness, to celebrate the happy times, as entertainment when I was bored, pretty much for anything.  And the food started to change too.  I went from enjoying all different variety’s to being obsessed with only one type.  Fried, fatty, buttery, sugary…all the stuff that made my heart happy, but hurt every other part of me in the long run.

It’s only natural the the break up would not be a pretty one.  After all, we had YEARS of this abusive relationship.  Abusive may sound harsh, but what else would you call it when both sides are used and hurt?  I had hurt food by taking it out of its natural form, manipulating it to taste “better” and depleting any of its good qualities for my own selfish wants.  I was hurting too…I was enormous, unhealthy, starting to get signs of high blood pressure (at 28 years old!) and neglecting my children when all they wanted to do was play and I was too tired (from sitting around all day!)

Using this analogy, juicing to me is the marriage councilor…a middle man who helps both sides be able to communicate and work through their problems.  Juicing teaches your body that food, in its natural form, is what it wants and needs.  It changes your tastes to enjoy vegetables for how they really are and were meant to be enjoyed.  And the food rewards you, by giving you energy, taking away bloat, and helping you lose weight.  When you use food for the right reason…as fuel to sustain you while you live, your body rewards you because it is finally happy.

Even after achieving some balance with this respect, I still have days that I struggle.  Yesterday was one of those days.  While I felt great, my mind kept struggling with thinking about nasty food.  I think because it was a Sunday, it was a double whammy.  Sundays are my favorite days of the week, since Rob usually has off of work.  After morning meeting, we usually would go out to eat at for a nice sit down lunch, laze around in the afternoon, then start making a big meal for a family dinner.  I placed a lot of emphasis on eating on Sundays and as that being the source of my happiness on those days, when it wasn’t.  Being with my family and spending a day together was what brought me the joy…not what we ate.  (how silly!)  But it still felt like something big was missing from yesterday, and I got frustrated.  I ended up snapping at Rob about which grocery store we would go shopping at, and thankfully he was in a much better mood than I was.  He saw that I was (clearly) working through something and helped me to laugh at myself.  He even volunteered to make the crazies dinner, since he knew I would be tempted to sneak a bite or two.  Good man 🙂

Enough with the crazy metaphors…get to the juice!

Today’s juices are all different again, we are trying to “taste the rainbow” of flavors that are out there.  After all, trying to drink the same thing for 30 days would be BORING.

Morning (and dessert) juice for today:

Carrot Limeade (makes two servings)

8 carrots

2 cucumbers

4 apples

1 lime

large handful of fresh mint

2 inch fresh ginger root

Look at all that prep!


We are growing both peppermint and chocolate mint in our garden, so I threw on some pants and cut some off.  This juice was so good and tart.

Then Rob has been wanting to juice some of the organic tomatoes we bought the other day at Jessica’s, so I found a recipe for our snack juice today.  Enter in The Reboot 8…

The Reboot 8 (2 servings)

2 sweet red bell peppers

2 apples

2 tomatoes

2 scallions

3 kale leaves

1 lemon

1 lime

pinch of dried oregano and ground chili pepper, for sprinkling.


This juice is…interesting.  I’m not sure if I love it, but for those who really like the taste of fresh tomato, this is your juice.  At least I’ll  be thankful for the flavor change this afternoon.

And finally, we decided on a basic for the other two juices today.  You can’t go wrong with this juice.  It is packed with tons of dark green kale and other veggies, and really makes you feel satisfied and energized after drinking it.  This will be our lunch and dinner.  (sorry for no pictures…the crazies were acting up, so I juiced this as fast as I could to avoid an uprising!)

Mean Green (2 servings)

16 kale leaves

2 cucumbers

8 celery stalks

4 apples

1 lemon

2 inches fresh ginger root

Till tomorrow…juice on!


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