Day Four Bliss

Whew…this morning was crazy!  We had to get the crazies fed and dressed, make juices for Rob and I, pack lunch for the boys so that we could get out in service after the meeting…all of this while LOSING an hour of sleep and prep time due to daylight savings time.  I know I’ll be happy for the extra hour of beautiful daylight tonight, but this morning I was a bit cranky about it.

That being said, it was not a better morning to lose an hour than on day four!  For me, it seems that every day four is when my body finally gets used to juicing.  I have more energy, the food cravings start to slow down, and I just feel…blissful.  Everything is brighter, happier, easier.  Plus it helps that I was able to wear a fitted dress that I could (barely) fit into 2 years ago.  It was a bit big, actually.  Not a bad feeling to have!

Juices today are majorly yummy.  This breakfast juice is by far, my favorite, as of now.  Seems like every day they are just getting better and better.

Australian Gold (2 servings)

1 pineapple

2 sweet yellow bell peppers

2 lemons

2 inches of fresh ginger root

Look at how pretty!  Plus, the pineapple ended up making a lot of pulp, so the consistency of the juice was creamy and thicker than normal.  The lemon made it just a bit tart and the ginger added such a nice kick.


On to making the big green juice of the day.  We decided on trying a new recipe, and were so happy that we did.

Green Elixir (2 servings)

10 Kale leaves

2 cucumbers

1 fennel bulb, plus fronds

4 pears

4 celery sticks

We didn’t have quite enough pears to double the recipe, so we did 6 pears and three small red apples.


The juice came out this beautiful, dark green shade.  And the taste was very neutral…not too sweet or sour or kale tasting.




Have a busy night planned since we are having some people over from the congregation for a bonfire.  There will be some temptation (smores, hot cocoa…ah, the horror!) but I’m on such a juice high right now that I don’t think it will be too hard to resist.


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