Days One and Two

I was told by some more experienced juicers that days one through three of the fast are the hardest.  This is also not my first go with fasting, but still, I’m surprised by how HUNGRY I feel all the time.  It’s not even hunger for real food, but instead I’ve been craving all the greasy crappy food, like mounds of wings, Philly cheese steaks, etc.  It’s funny because all the things I have been wanting lately are all foods that I normally wouldn’t eat.  Fortunately, I’ve done two other fasts, so I kind of know what to expect the first few days and am better prepared then I was the first go around.

That being said, day one was rough.  All I wanted to do was eat, something, anything!  Just to get that feeling of chewing something and the satisfaction of seeing a big plate full of food and knowing that it was mine…ALL MINE!  (insert maniacal laughter here)  Rob and I focused on  stocking supplies for the next few days by shopping at a food market, Trader Joe’s, and Publix.  Having Rob at home was a huge help through the first day, and I was rewarded this morning for my diligence when I stepped on the scale…3.6 pounds down!  Already day two was looking a lot better.

This morning I was determined to photograph the process of getting our juices prepared for the day.  The program I am following is one suggested on  I have 5 juices a day, one at 9a, 12 noon, 3p, 6p and a dessert juice.  For simplicity’s sake, I only make two different types of juices a day, then change those up for the next day.

Today’s Breakfast (and dessert) juice:

2 oranges

2 sweet bell peppers (I used a red and orange ones)

6 carrots and

1/2 a lemon.

This was DEEE licious!  A little sweet, the juice came out a beautiful color.  After drinking it, I was instantly perked up…who needs coffee when you can drink this amazingness?

Sunburst Juice
Sunburst Juice

For the Green juice, (Lunch, Snack and Dinner) we tried something completely new.

Celery, Pear and Cucumber Juice (makes enough for two drinks)

10 Kale leaves

2 cucumbers

6 celery stalks and

2 pears

When I was prepping up all the goodies, I had to snap a picture…it was so pretty!



Mid- juice
Mid- juice
The finished product...almost a gallon of happiness!
The finished product…almost a gallon of happiness!

I started day two feeling much more balanced, not craving bad food, and excited to try these new flavor combinations, which did not disappoint!

Juices ready to go for Rob to enjoy at work
Juices ready to go for Rob to enjoy at work

Bring it on day three!



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