And it begins…

Today is the first day of a self imposed 30 day juice fast.  What does that mean?  For the next 30 days, Rob and I will only be drinking…water, herbal tea and freshly made vegetable and fruit juices.  YUM!  So, let’s answer some commonly thought questions about the whole process, and some worries that I have heard from some friends.

“What?  Aren’t you going to starve?”

Nope.  I will still be ingesting about 1200 calories per day through the juice.  Even better yet, my body will be completely overloaded with all the vitamins and nutrients that help nourish and make your body happy and work more efficiently.  Plus, my body has a lot of extra meals (a side effect of overeating for so long!) it can draw off of for energy.

“Why 30 days?  That seems extreme!”

I’ve already proved to myself that I can fast, flourish, and survive for a 5 and 10 day fast.  30 days seems like the obvious next step.  It’s going to give my digestive system a much deserved break, help drop some weight, and restore balance.  I have always had too strong of a relationship with food, using it for comfort, fun, sad and happy times.  But for the next 30 days, I am eliminating food as an option to deal with things…I will have to figure out a better and healthier way!

Is it extreme?  I’ll be the first to admit that it is.  For me though, it is about a change of perspective.  Existing on just juice for 30 days is not as extreme to me as being a 30 year old obese mother who can’t keep up with her boys.  It’s not as extreme as putting myself at a much higher risk for high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke…all hereditary issues in my family tree.   Popping medication to survive, or shooting myself with a needle everyday is much more extreme than changing my lifestyle and nipping it in the bud before my health gets to that point.

“I did the same thing, and gained back all the weight I lost, plus more.”

This is not just another fad diet for Rob and I…it is a tool to help with a radical lifestyle change.  We have already completely changed what and how we eat.  We have eliminated caffeine, sugar, dairy and wheat from our diets.  We are more physically active then we ever have been, an eat primarily a plant based whole foods diet.  I know that without these changes, any weight that is lost would quickly be put back on.  After the 30 days is up, we plan on eating as much raw, vegan, non processed foods we can get our hands on to ease ourselves back into solid foods.  After both the 5 and ten day fasts that I’ve done, I have been able to maintain all my weight loss through eating this way.

Those are the main questions I get when people find out about our plans.  I’m sure I’ll think of more, but for now, I’ve got to go prep my juices for today!


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