Where did two years go?

So, I gave up blogging for a bit…okay, for a long time.  I didn’t do it on purpose, but wasn’t sure what to write.  “Everyday I slowly grow larger and larger, and while it is becoming hard for me to breathe, it’s amazing.” No, that won’t work.  What about “I started to go into labor at 32 weeks, so now I am on bed rest and as a result, have watched every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, twice over.”  Who wants to hear about that?  Yes, it is a complete blessing to be able to create and grow a life inside of you, but it also kind of sucks.  You are tired, hungry, grumpy, ecstatic, obsessive, and teary all the time.  You are encouraged to gain weight, but not too much…encouraged to eat a variety of foods, except for an ever expanding list of 1,000’s of dangerous foods that will do untold amounts of damage to your fetus.  I did my best while pregnant to eat well and exercise, but still ended up going into labor at 252 pounds.  (I swear, that scale was BROKEN!)

009That picture was taken a day before I went into labor, at 38 weeks.  See, I was HUGE!  I couldn’t bend, breathe, or hold my bladder for longer then 27 minutes in a row.  I wanted to eat, but everything gave me wicked heartburn.  Except for cherries…I ate pounds of cherries during the last month.  But all that led up to this:

018Evan John, born October 7th, 2012 at 7 pounds, 9 ounces.  We finally met this last piece of our family that we had been praying for for so long, and he is perfect.  He was such a fun loving little baby, and has grown very quickly into a rambunctious, little dare devil.   I learned how to (or at least try to) parent two boys, all while moving yet again, for Rob’s job.  We now live in Sarasota, FL, where Logan is in Kindergarten, Rob is the managing partner at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion, and I spend most of my days cleaning, cooking and perform as a human jungle gym for  the crazies.


I love our life, but after Evan came, everything changed.  Gone are the days of simply sleeping through the night.  I can count the number of times that Evan has slept completely through the night on two hands…yup, less than ten times in almost 1 1/2 years.  We have now gotten into a good rhythm of waking once per night for a couple of minutes, then falling back asleep. He also is extremely active, started crawling at 5 months, walking at 10 months, and now is running, climbing and jumping.  I was one frazzled mama, barely keeping it together through out the day, relying too much on cups of coffee (or three…or four) to survive until bed time, then snacking and crashing as soon as the crazies were asleep.  I was able to lose almost all the baby weight quickly, but then slowly put it all back on over the next year.  Two months ago, I was again flirting with 250 (248.8 to be exact) and was miserable.

One lazy afternoon, I was scrolling through my watch list on Netflix and stumbled across the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  I kept looking for something better to watch, but came up short and finally played it.  Within minutes I was hooked to this movie!  A quick synopsis: it tells the story of a man who was fed up with his health.  He had a rare auto immune disease which required different medications and was over weight and sick of it.  He decided to do a 60 day juice fast, which meant that for two months he only drank fresh juices consisting of kale, spinach, carrots, and other whole veggies and fruits.  He documented his journey, traveling across America and talking to those he met about their eating habits.  He completely transformed not only his life, but others.  Something about it just hit a chord with me and made sense.

Later that night, Rob and I watched it together (again) and he was just as excited as I was.  We started to look up more information about juice fasts, ordered a juicer off of Amazon, and made our plans.  We completed a 10 day juice fast together, losing almost 40 pounds between both of us.  I went from 248.8 pounds to 230.6.  Since then, we both have been eating 90% only plant based whole foods, excluding caffeine, sugar and wheat.

Juicing has completely changed our lives, and it has only been 5 weeks since the switch.  I personally have so much more energy and I don’t crave bad, sweet or greasy foods anymore.  Both the crazies are eating better too.  It wasn’t too long ago that Logan would ask and expect dessert after every meal, but now he enjoys tasting the juices we create and eating salads and fruits as most of his food.  I have lost another 7 pounds since then, and Rob is continuing to lose as well.  We are gearing up for the long haul…a 30 day juice fast!  Woot woot!


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