Wow, it has been WAY to long since I last posted, and a lot has happened.  Let’s just jump right into it:

Last time you heard from me, I had just finished my longest run to date…21 minutes!  I was super pumped up and really looking forward to the Beach Bum 5K.  Plus, I had some shoes to shop for. 😉  I began week 6 with 2 sets of 10 minutes of running, with a 3 minute break in between. On Tuesday, I had a follow up CT scan from the scary “heart” issues from 6 months ago that turned out to be a pulled muscle.  The CT scan was to moniter the lump that the ER had found in my chest.  I was really nervous about it, since there was a possibility that it could be the beginning of something serious, like lymphoma.  After an anxious hour waiting for my pulmonologist to see me, I was told it was just a calcified lymph node from a weird infection I had when I was young.  Not cancer, nothing serious at all.  Just a weird little lump that I will have for the rest of my life.  Whew!  That was a huge relief!  The next day, I left to visit my family in freezing cold Pennsylvania for a week.  I was worried that I’d give up my routine,  but woke up first thing Thursday morning pumped up to run in the cold.  After piling on the layers, I started out on the same route I used to run when I was in high school. (and in great shape)  To my surprise, I had more endurance and could run further than I did when I weighed 155…CRAZY!  I did my 25 minute run and came back with chapped cheeks and a huge smile.  I could tell that my parents thought I was nuts.  I spent the rest of the trip catching up with my family and friends, going tubing with Logan and my parents, and spending the day at the aquarium with all the grand kids.

Visiting the Baltimore Aquarium with all the kids, Lily, Logan and Levi
Logan LOVES the snow!
Getting ready for face painting with "Auntie" Heidi

Later in the week, my sisters and I met up at Amy’s gym for a sisterly workout session, where she again schooled me in the art of dead lifts and squats.  It was humbling (as it always is with her) but I also had a lot of fun in the free weight section with all the big meat heads yelling at each other and groaning with every rep.  Logan and I left the following Wednesday sad to go, but ready to see my husband and sunny Florida again.  Yay for no winter coats!

I came home exhausted, so I took a couple days off to rest up a bit.  I was having some serious sinus issues that I just thought were from the dry air in PA, but after 2 weeks, it started to travel to my chest.  During this time, I still tried to keep my running schedule as much as possible, but my endurance was shot, and soon I couldn’t run for a minute without stopping to cough what felt like my lungs out.  I was so frustrated, and everywhere I went was like a scene from “Contagion”…people would lean away from me and roll their eyes as I blew my nose and coughed like I had emphysema.  Now, I hate going to the doctor, since I don’t like how their answer for every ailment is a round of antibiotics.  In fact, I hadn’t gone to the doctor since Rob and I had been married except for when I needed to go when I was pregnant with Logan.  But when the cough got worse and both my ears clogged up, I put up the white flag and finally went.  The doctor listened to my chest, told me I had a mild sinus infection and also bronchitis, and also had a really bad earwax build up in one of my ears.  (collective, “ewww!”)  In one of the grossest things that has ever happened to me in my life, my doctor used a scary, needle with a hook thing to take care of the ear issue, and of course, prescribed antibiotics for my other ailments.

Now here’s the fun part.  I woke up the next morning to go to work, and I just felt…off.  No other way to explain it, that something just didn’t feel right.  Usually I can fight off infections really well, but this one had been getting worse for three weeks, and it just left me exhausted!  I was ready to go to work, when I thought on a whim, “Hmmm, I wonder if…”  I went to the bathroom, and toyed around with the idea, after all, Aunt Flo was due to make a visit any minute, but before I could talk myself out of it, took my last left over pregnancy test that I still had from the miscarriage 5 months ago.  A minute later, there was definitely two pink lines.  I just started laughing like crazy, after all, Rob and I had been trying for another child for almost 2 years.  I had spent almost every month convincing myself that it would happen finally, and when it didn’t, looking to the next month.  Then, after the miscarriage, we really thought it was going to happen, because someone (I’m sure they were trying to be comforting) told me that women are extra fertile in the months after a miscarriage.  When nothing happened again, I finally gave up, because it was driving me crazy!  Then, WHAM!  two pink lines just when I thought it was never going to happen.

I told Rob immediately, and we both spent the next 3 weeks worrying that I was going to miscarry again.  I found a great OBGYN who helped in calming me down, and when I called her worried two weeks ago, she made room in her schedule to see me, and let me hear our baby’s heartbeat for the first time!  Crazy, right?

One downside?  Beach Bum 5K is out of the question for now.  I was really disappointed, but that disappointment dwarfed in comparison to the excitement Rob and I feel that in October, we finally are going to meet the baby we have wanted and prayed for for so long.  I am still really determined to stay as fit as possible, and although it has been hard since I’ve been tired half the time, and nauseous and barfing the other half, and have been craving sweets all the time,  I haven’t gained a pound yet.  Woo hoo!  So, instead of running, I’m just going to have to change my goals over to pilates, speed-walking, light weights and swimming, (time to get my Michael Phelps on!)  Till next time…


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