Week One is Done!

Yea!  Just finished all of week one today and I feel GOOD!



Better yet, everyday was just a little bit easier than the last.  The first day, I ran first thing in the morning and I had a really hard time.  I started to get a bit dizzy close to the end, and it took me a while to recover and stop sweating.  By today, however, I was smiling at the last sprint and felt like I could do more.  It’s amazing how quickly your body can respond to a good workout and I feel 100 times better than a week ago.  

I picked up a new pair of running shoes earlier in the week, since I had literally ran through my old ones:

Yikes! Well overdue for some new kicks!

 I was a bit worried since I loved my old sneaks, but was able to find the same style with slightly less support, AND they were on sale:


A slightly weird side note: I grabbed the size 10’s to try on first, since that was what my old shoes were, but they were too big.  Ended up leaving the with 9 1/2’s…guess my feet lost a little bit of weight too!  I also picked up a new MP3 player finally, since I seem to be able to do anything better with a soundtrack in my background.  Not only is it teeny tiny, but it clips onto my shirt or pants, and has a timer, which makes it easy for running C25K. Rob wanted to save up to get me an IPOD touch, but since I seem to break (or lose) EVERYTHING I get my hands on, I opted for the SanDisk (for only $30), so I’m not nervous about it getting knocked around a little.

Sandisk Clip (it's so small it makes my hand look like a baseball glove!)

 I’m also really excited that Rob is doing this with me.  He has one more run to do tomorrow, then we will start week two together on Monday.  I’ll keep you posted!



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