We’re turning into Nomads!

For the fifth time in less than three years, we are picking up and moving again.  Dangit, just when I was starting to get comfortable with Jupiter, starting to know my way around town and become on a first name basis with the clerks at the grocery store, we are leaving.  Not to sound too negative…I am actually really excited about it.  But out of all of the moves, this one feels like it is going to be one of our last.  (Goodness gracious, I sure hope it is!)  From previous posts, you know about my love of packing and organization, my zest for new and different, and my longing for adventure, but I AM DONE, ya’ll!  So, how did this come about?  Well, let me tell ya…

About a month ago, a friend told Rob about a crazy opportunity that was opening up at an upscale restaurant in Naples, FL.  At first, Rob completely blew him off…after all, we had just moved to Jupiter and signed a lease.  We talked and agreed that we were happy where we were, and put it out of our heads.  The following day, Rob got his new schedule for the week and realized that he was working every day.  Worse, his manager had yet again scheduled him to work during meeting times.  When Rob brought it to her attention, she very bluntly told him that he couldn’t get everything he wanted, and that this was how it was going to be from now on.  Nevermind that Rob only agreed to this new job after he told her about our meeting times, (she said it would not be a problem) and that he wanted this job for the stability and extra family time that was promised.  Talk about a change of heart!  Rob came home and told me about his conversation and new schedule, then promptly called his friend to get the information about the new job.  We prayed for something to work out on either end, and Rob got a great offer from the restaurant in Naples.  His last day at the Crab House is December 26th, and he starts at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion on January 3rd, so that gives us a week to move.  Plus we just came back from a great trip to Naples (about three hours away from Jupiter) and signed the lease on a fantastic 3/2 condo in a gated community.  I am mostly excited about some of the amenities…tennis, volleyball, and indoor racketball courts, billards rooms, stunning pool and, (drumroll please)  a state of the art gym room.  Collective sigh everyone!  I am never moving again!

The new home as of Jan.1st! (bottom floor)

  Okay, enough about that.  This month so far has been a flurry of activity…three groups of house guests staying with us with one more to go.  I am OD’ing on all the love lately, and enjoying every sleepless and crazy minute of it.  First came Blayne and Lynne, who were the perfect guinea pigs to be our first house guests.  We relaxed, walked on the beach and chatted the whole time.  Also had a field trip to Whole Foods, where we went aisle by aisle and found some great food.  Two days later, my parents came down, much to the delight of Logan (and myself).  I miss them a lot, so it was nice to be around them, if only for a week.  We did some sightseeing, shopping, toured a sea turtle rescue sanctuary, and introduced them to Wii.  Last, but definately not least, came my cousin Heidi and Kevin.  We had a blast with them at the beach one day, then at H&M another day, made some dinners together, and took way too many pictures of random things.  Even though the weather did not cooperate with us the majority of the time, (some nights in the 20’s… “It’s wicked freezing down here!”) and the trip Heidi and I took to see Blowing Rock Preserve which did not blow, we kept ourselves occupied by playing Little Things and Angry Birds on their IPad, and I got my butt whooped by Heidi in a vicious thumb wrestling match. 

Logan with his Grammy (my mama!)

It has been a fantastic December so far, but I must admit that I’ve slacked a little with the running regimen.  I could give a couple of excuses as to why, but I think I am just tired.  We’ve been staying up well past midnight with all of our guests, simply because we were having too much fun.  When you go to bed at 1am…waking up at 7am to run in the cold does not sound like any fun.  I convinced myself that I would run when Logan was down for his nap in the afternoon (which I did do 4 times) but usually by that time, I was ready to hang and talk to my friends!  Still, there were some bright spots…on one afternoon run I really pushed myself and did three laps = 1 1/2 miles.  Woo hoo!  Plus every other time I ran two laps around.  Still, I was cringing when I stepped on the scale yesterday, but it was time to know what the damage was.  After all, I had a drink or two, plus everyone wanted to go to eat at the Crab House since Rob was the manager on at night.  So after three Truffle Cakes (which is a dark chocolate delight that PMSing women can only dream of), two orders of calamari, and a couple of crab cakes, I knew there were going to be some consequences.  I had fully prepared myself to see a five pound gain, and was secretly praying it wasn’t going to be more than that when I stepped on the scale.  Guess what… it wasn’t that bad!  Only 1 pound gained!  (And it was completely worth it!)

AAHHH! I love it!

So, my plan of attack is to cut my portions back to a smaller size, pick up running two laps every other day until the end of the year, moving, then taking full advantage of the amenities (hello beautiful and free gym) at the new place.  I am going to ride this high for as long as I can, and I am so happy I got to be with all of my favorite people!  Oh, and I can’t forget that on Wednesday I get to pick up my big sister from the airport and spend 10 DAYS with her!!!!  I’m loving all the love!


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