Breathing Room

AHHH!! We are moving into our new condo this Saturday and I am so excited!  Evidence of this?  I’ve been packing like a maniac and waking up before the sun.  Ordinarily I would just roll over and go right back to sleep, but the second I stir in bed I start thinking about what else I need to pack, where our furniture is going to go, and what color towels I am going to get for our extra bathroom.  Even better, I throughly enjoy moving.  I love every part of it, from stalking grocery stores for their cardboard boxes on a daily basis, to packing, to searching for a new place to live, and finding new ways to decorate spaces.  People look at me like I am crazy when I say that I love moving, but after six moves in seven years, (this will be the fourth move in the last two years) Rob and I have become very skilled with the whole process.

The new place!

I am also very excited to move because we are going to be living in a much safer area, and in a much larger house.  The place where we live now is cute, but old and tiny.  At the time I don’t think Rob and I cared where we lived…we had just come out of a hard year which involved our insurance business tanking, selling our house and moving into the dining room at my parents house.  When we made the decision to move down to Florida we felt like we were finally gaining control of our lives and had a chance to start over.  I loved living in Pennsylvania, but barring a couple of close friends, we only ever spent time with my family.  Not that that is a bad thing, ( I love and miss my family very much) but I felt kind of stuck.  I was only 24 at the time, but I felt like I was never going to leave central PA or meet new people or experience anything different.  We were just going to be stuck paying for our expensive mortgage payment, freezing through the winters, and barely making ends meet.  When Rob brought up the idea of possibly moving to Florida, we both decided that if we were going to do it, now would be the time.  We packed up our car with clothes and Logan and road tripped down to Fort Lauderdale under the assumption that we would try it out for a month, then see if we still wanted to stay.  After a month, we both started looking for new jobs, then had to find a new place to live.  When we found this apartment, we were excited because a) it was somewhat cheap, b) our 88 year old landlord didn’t require a security deposit or lease, c) even if it was the size of a shoebox, it was not in any of our parents houses.  Frankly, after 8 months of living out of suitcases and sleeping on sofa beds, I could have cared less about the condition of where we lived…I just wanted somewhere we could call our own again!  We made this little place into our own little home, and for almost a year, it has served us really well.  But now, I am most definately ready to move on. 

Add to the fact that three people have been residing in a 500 square foot apartment, we have the worst neighbors in the world.  Nasty, dirty, cursing neighbors who like to scream at their young children outside.  Oh, and they like to rev their busted old Honda (complete with a non-working muffler) so loudly at 7am that it wakes us up.  Oh, and they have three or four Chihuahua’s who bark all the time and like to poop in our yard and tear up our trash.  FUN!  Plus we live close to the Ft. Lauderdale airport, so starting at 6am, the planes start taking off loud enough to rattle our old windows.  Add to that the creepy factor of some guy in a van asking inapproate questions, to our neighbors getting robbed (and a couple of family members when they came down to visit) to walking out of the grocery store and having a van pull up and people come out screaming that their sister was shot.  Calling 911 and reporting that a little girl is bleeding and having Logan screaming in my ear because he is terrified of the wailing people and all the sirens.  Yup…definately time to move!  Sad part is, we don’t even live in a bad section of Fort Lauderdale…can you imagine if we did?

Jupiter is quiet, safe and nice.  Rob and I went to the grocery store and were amazed that everybody was asking us how we were.  A young single guy saw Logan giggling and proceeded to play with him for 10 minutes.  Logan pretended to shoot him (that part did not make me happy) and the guy feel on the ground and played dead until Logan got out of the cart and asked if he was okay.  This all happened in the grocery store!  Plus it is a beautiful area, and Rob will be 3 minutes from work opposed to 1 1/2 hours and I will be within walking distance to parks and the ocean. 

All these changes, while exciting, have left me somewhat stressed out.  I’ve been getting in my regular running, but on Friday, decided that wasn’t enough.  I left the stop watch at home and went to the park with Logan, strapped him into the stroller and just ran.  I wasn’t worried about the time or my speed, but just kept running.  I could almost feel the stress falling off of me with every drop of sweat.  By the time we reached the playground, (almost a mile away from where we started) I was smiling ear to ear.  Played with Logan for over an hour, then sprinted as much as I could on the mile back.  I started to laugh when I passed two other runners who were just taking their leisurely time.  By the time I got back to the car I was soaked with sweat, exhausted and my tush was on fire, but all the worries and pressure I had been feeling were gone. 

Last night, my in laws hosted a fun dinner/going away party for us…we had a blast.  It was a special occasion, so I allowed myself some dessert, including a bit of yummy dark chocolate cheesecake.  Got some great pictures and had a fantastic time!  Also unknowingly got some before and after pics…hope you enjoy!

Connie and I at a get together a year ago...
And both of us last night...
And me and my lovey's...happy family!

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